Letters from Schools and Children

Letters from Schools and Children


The programmes we are involved with provide healthy nutritious food, raincoats for the changeable weather we experience and health products which support general hygiene. We have happier healthier students who settle into daily school routines.

Staff & Students, Wairakei Primary School

We are very thankful for all of the stuff you are providing for Sutton Park School.

Student, Sutton Park School

On behalf of Irongate School, I would like to thank you for giving clothing and food to Irongate School students.

Student, Irongate School

On behalf of Otahuhu Intermediate School, we would like to say "Thank you."

Student, Otahuhu Intermediate School

The children at Weymouth Primary really appreciate the fruit pottles and muesli bars.

Classroom, Weymouth Primary

Thank you for our warm, cosy Warriors jackets.

Student, Selwyn Primary School

First of all, the bread and breakfast spreads you provide for our breakfast club, help students get off to a good start to the day.

Julie Gillbert, KidsCan Coordinator, Taumarunui High School

Thank you for all the food and jackets you provided to keep us warm.

Student, Maromaku School

Thank you so much for the shoes, and everything else you do for our school!

Student, Rata Street School

Letters From Schools and Children

I would like to say that I am very grateful for the jacket and shoes.

Student, Kelston Primary School

Letters From Schools and Children

Thank you for sponsoring Waterview Primary School. I really like all of the food and clothing you give us.

Student, Waterview Primary 

Student, Dominion Road School, Letter

D.R.S would like to thank you all for providing us with food and clothes to wear. If you weren't here to help us, we would be so unlucky.

Student, Dominion Road School 

Student, James Street School Letter

Thank you for the warm raincoat and pants. It helped us at James Street School when we walk to school and it's raining.

Student, James Street School 

Student, Glenavon School Letter

Kelston Intermediate students would like to thank you for providing us with many varieties of food that you give to us on a daily basis. Thank you for providing us with the delicious parcels of food that we get during our lunchtimes for the children who are not able to afford food.

Student, Glenavon School

Student, Papakura Normal School Letter

Thank you for giving our school the awesome jackets!

Student, Papakura Normal School  

Brett Woods, Principal at Otahuhu Intermediate School

Kids love to learn – they’re sponges. My passion, the reason I get up every morning, is to make a difference – to set them up to succeed. It’s tough to see kids going without food at school. It’s something I’ll never get used to, and it really impacts their ability to learn.

Brett Woods,  Principal at Otahuhu Intermediate School

Del Mc Farlene-Scott, Deputy Principal Ranui School

We have been lucky enough this year to have been selected as one of the schools that KidsCan supports. To say we have been overwhelmed with the incredible generosity and kindness from the KidsCan Foundation and their sponsors would be an understatement.

Del Mc Farlene-Scott, Deputy Principal Ranui School

Deputy Principal, Greerton Village School

I personally feel that a combination of children being able to be fed, healthier handwashing practices, raincoats in winter and shoes on our students feet combined together has resulted in improved attendance.

Deputy Principal, Greerton Village School

Eden Chapman, Principal Horohoro School

Every day many of our students arrive at school without breakfast or any food to get them through the day. Due to KidsCan's help we are able to provide students with healthy and nutritious food.

Eden Chapman, Principal Horohoro School

Room 18, Owhata School Letter

Our new children have benefited from having the raincoats and the children requiring shoes as well. The Children's attendance has improved and they can get to school dryer as many of our children walk to school.

Room 19, Owhata School

Malcolm Dixon, Principal Frimley Primary School Letter

Five hundred and fifty children all meet their parents or walked home in the drizzling rain wearing a 'KidsCan Sponsored Rain Jacket'. The huge smiles on their faces was a treasure to behold.

Malcolm Dixon, Principal Frimley Primary School

Student, Levin School

At Levin School sometimes we have people that have broken shoes with holes in them and no jacket. But now you have given us all a jacket, shoes, socks and a beanie each no one is cold or wet on rainy days.

Student, Levin School

Freda Mokaraka, Principal Opononi School

We would like to send an enormous thanks to KidsCan on behalf of Opononi Area School for the wonderful support and assistance you have shown our students.  

Freda Mokaraka, Principal Opononi School

Jean Palmer, On behalf of Moerewa School

On behalf of Moerewa School I would like to thank you for all the food and shoes that you have supplied us with this year and over the past few years.

Jean Palmer, On behalf of Moerewa School

Student, Saint Joesph Primary School

Thank you for the wonderful raincoats and shoes. I will look after your gifts

Student, Saint Joseph Primary School

Lyn Robinson- School Secretary Avon School

Without the help from KidsCan we would have many children arriving at school cold, wet and hungry which is not a good way to start school.

Lyn Robinson - School Secretary Avon School