Back to School Lunches with KidsCan

Back to School Lunches with KidsCan

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

For some children, their biggest worry about lunch is whether they get a cheese and tomato versus a ham sandwich or if they have a yoghurt pot when they really want a packet of chips. The charity KidsCan is out to help all the children who go to school with no lunch at all.

 As the school year starts there are Kiwi families who struggle to afford regular lunches or shoes for their kids and that’s where KidCan can step in with your help. Numerous studies show that children who are hungry struggle to stay attentive in lessons or in some cases are too embarrassed to attend school at all. Education is the route to help these children escape the poverty trap.

There are currently 2,652 New Zealand children across the county who need our help, a $15 a month donation will help ensure that these kids have food at school, a raincoat, shoes and socks and basic health items. The cost of sending children back to school can be cripplingly high for families who are living on low incomes, once new school uniforms are purchased there can be little left over for basic necessaries. Since we started in 2005 KidsCan has supplied over 21,000,000 items of food to children who would otherwise go hungry, we are still hearing from our partner schools that 1 in 5 students need our support.

“All children have dreams. Some just have a greater chance of making them a reality. With New Zealander’s help, we can positively impact the lives of an additional 2,652 children this year and beyond. It is about rallying in support of New Zealand’s children who need a little help. Children who want to go to school to learn and create a bright future for themselves but who without our help will be denied realising their dreams of becoming a contributing member of society.”

KidsCan founder Julie Chapman

No one wants to hear about children going hungry in a first world country like New Zealand; the reality is that it is happening, but the average person can help. Julie Chapman was inspired to start KidsCan back in 2005 after listening to media reports detailing the everyday deprivations of New Zealand children up and down the country. The aim of the charity is to provide the basics so that every child in need can get through the school gates and into the classroom warm, dry and with something to eat at lunchtime. Lack of shoes, food, and basic health items leads to children losing self-esteem, hope and they are more likely to remain in the poverty cycle as adults. Education is the key to changing this; children who eat a decent lunch can then concentrate at school and help break these patterns. 90% of the schools we work with have noticed an improvement in concentration and behaviour in the classroom since joining the programme .

“Thanks for providing food for me I’m very grateful. It is great when I can stop thinking of hunger and get on with my work. Especially when my Mum hasn’t done the shopping and I don’t have to go home hungry,” Student who has used KidsCan

You can sign up to make a monthly donation of $15 which will help feed and clothe a New Zealand child who is growing up in poverty. Your donation will help Kiwi kids in need with food, clothing and health items at school, so they can get into the classroom in a position to learn.