Campbell Live to host another Lunchbox Day

Friday, August 29, 2014
Campbell Live

Two years ago Campbell Live's Lunchbox Day initiative helped KidsCan get food to children in decile one to four schools throughout New Zealand. 

For weeks we'd been looking at the pervasiveness of poverty and deprivation, and how it affects children that grow up without things so many of us simply take for granted. 

With your help we ended up raising more than $500,000, every cent of which has been spent on food, socks, shoes and jackets for children who really need them.

But while thousands of kids who once went to school cold and hungry no longer do, there are still many more in desperate need.

So next Friday we're going to hold another Lunchbox Day, and all next week we'll be showing you how you can get involved.

You may be asking why help is still needed and what has happened in the past two years?

Tonight on the show, Tristram Clayton recaps last year's Lunchbox day - the story that touched so many people in New Zealand and around the world.