Rotorua School grateful for Nit Busters

Rotorua School grateful for Nit Busters

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Te Kura O Te Whakarewarewa are happy to say their head lice problem isn't as bad as it used to be thanks to the KidsCan Nit Busters programme.

Nit Busters health champions check and treat children for head lice and provide education and support to families in low decile schools around New

Each school is visited weekly and the champions also treat anyone who lives in the same house as the child for free.

Te Kura O Te Whakarewarewa teacher Yvonne Edwards saidthe head lice problem was quite significant in the school a year ago.

"Since the Nit Busters programme has been in the school there has been a definite change in attitude from our children. They are no longer
whakama (shy) about the fact that they may have nits ," she said.

"Our whanau have also accepted the assistance and support the programme. There has been a significant drop in the nit problem in our school."
Edwards said there was a social stigma attached to nits, children could be isolated from their peers and suffer low self esteem which, in turn,
affects their learning.

"I believe this programme has been a very positive way to help the children and incorporate whanau. It gives everyone the opportunity to get
the necessary support required. We all want our children to be healthy."

More than 24,000 children have access to the Nit Busters programme with it operating in 111 schools around New Zealand.