Schools' Update

Schools' Update

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This winter, we had a record number of our partner schools ordering raincoats and shoes for their students. It's great to know that they will be kept warm and dry.

At a recent netball tournament in Auckland, one of our staff noticed a whole school team kitted out in our Vodafone Warriors raincoats and some with KidsCan shoes. The teachers who were there supporting the children said they haven’t been able to enter a team before because the students didn’t all have shoes and now with KidsCan support, they could! We also heard from a school in the Waikato who had a family of girls walk 3kms in the pouring rain to get to school, and they were only able to because they had our raincoats. The principal was chuffed that they’d made the effort to attend in such bad weather, and knows it’s only because of the clothing we’ve been able to support them with.

In certain parts of New Zealand, the weather can also impact the supply of food to remote regions. The residents on Great Barrier Island rely on general food arriving regularly from the mainland by boat. When the boats can’t arrive because of bad weather (up to seven times each winter), food on the island becomes scarce and many low-income families have to go without.

Thankfully, our partner school on the island always has a supply of food on hand for the children to help them through the school day. When children are well fed, they are more alert, concentrate better and their mood and memory improves too.

Last term we altered our food distribution dates slightly. The food now arriving closer to the beginning of the term. All of our raincoats now have full zips which is proving popular with students. It’s great to have quality products that we can be proud of.

Amanda Farmilo
KidsCan Schools Manager