The Jazz Apple Big Crunch claims new world record

The Jazz Apple Big Crunch claims new world record

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Jazz Apple Big Crunch has been successful in its bid to set a new world record for the most people eating an apple simultaneously!


“With the counting and validation process still proceeding and some schools yet to return their forms, at 1.53 this afternoon we were informed that we had passed the existing world record, with teachers confirming 10,613 pupils had bit into their apples at the precise time of 2.13pm last Friday,” said ENZA Marketing Manager Rosstan Mazey.


The existing record was 9,329 set by the Whitehall Schools District in Michigan.


“We will have the full results, on Wednesday of this week,” said Mr Mazey.


“I want to thank ENZA staff across the country and all the schools that took part in The Big Crunch and all the kids who made it possible – even those who struggled to bite their apples with missing front teeth!


“Our goal was to create an event that provided a fun way to promote the availability of new season Jazz Apples. We also wanted to play our part in helping to reinforce a healthy eating message to parents and children.


“We wanted to show our support for the work of Kidscan in helping to give disadvantaged children a better chance at fulfilling their true potential and, of course, we really wanted to create a new world record.”


“The event delivered on all our expectations,” said Rosstan Mazey.


“We have seen one media report that one school wants to further support Kidscan by holding a mufti day at a future date.


“We were struck by the huge support of the participating schools for this initiative and by how much fun the kids had in contributing towards this momentous event. We’ll be distributing certificates later this week reminding the children of what they were a part of,” said Mr Mazey.

Full and final results will be released on Wednesday 15 May.


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