The power of the comb

The power of the comb

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Children's charity KidsCan are offering simple advice and a discounted comb to help parents deal with the yearly problem of head lice.

Every parent faces the challenge of nits. Regardless of financial position or personal hygiene, nits have made themselves at home in thousands of children’s heads across the country and they spread like wildfire.

KidsCan’s Health for Kids programme manager Julia Haydon-Carr says that expensive products aren't neccesary. “The power is in the comb. Any products that help the comb run through the hair easily, such as conditioner, are key. Parents should feel empowered to take over the issue themselves. It’s about keeping vigilant and checking children’s hair often—take a peek once a week.”

Many parents face a huge cost barrier to affording effective treatments with prices starting from $20, which the head lice become more and more resistant to.

KidsCan has 35 Health Champions that use the Super Nit Buster Comb in school clinics around the country and believe they are superior to other nit combs available. The comb gets rid of head lice and the eggs thanks to a special grooved tooth design.

The charity are selling the combs for $15 plus $4 postage (selling elsewhere for $27). All proceeds from sales of the combs will go to KidsCan, helping them to continue their work supporting disadvantaged Kiwi kids. 

To purchase the Super Nit Buster Comb or support KidsCan go to: