Watch: Charity makes biggest shoe delivery of the year to grateful South Auckland kids

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

As basic as they may seem, kids' shoes are in high demand across the country. Charity KidsCan has just made their biggest shoe delivery of the year to grateful Mangere East school kids.

They dropped off more than 1000 pairs of kicks to the Auckland school, getting some good feedback in the process.

"Cool they're shiny," one student said enthusiastically.

Principal of Southern Cross Campus, Robin Staples, believes that a pair of new shoes can make all the difference to the kids' lives.

"For young people to be able to be equipped to have a really good day at school, thats what its all about.

"Getting socks and shoes means that you feel that you are valued and that you are aspirational to actually achieve well in school," Mr Staples said.

Last year KidsCan gave out a whopping 26,000 pairs of shoes.

They are set to eclipse that this year, having already handed out 17,000 pairs.