Hundreds of hungry, cold Rotorua children on KidsCan wait list

KidsCan News
Wed 19 Jun 2019
Julie Chapman founded KidsCan 14 years ago. She says "things are pretty grim for families" the charity works with - now more than ever. There has been "no let up" in need between Rotorua, Taupō, and Tokoroa.

KidsCan plea: Principal tells heartbreaking story of truant brothers who only had one pair of shoes to share

In the Media
Mon 10 Jun 2019
An increasing number of children are turning up hungry and shoeless to school as the cost of living for some families in New Zealand proves too hard to handle.

Backyard Banter: It takes a village to raise a child

KidsCan News
Fri 5 Apr 2019
"We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It's easy to say 'it's not my child, it's not my community, not my world, not my problem.' Then there are those who see the need and respond.

My preschool kids struggle because they're hungry. I know how that feels

KidsCan News
Mon 1 Apr 2019
OPINION: I don't think people know how bad it is not to have food. How bad it is to go to sleep at night, hungry, and dream of this beautiful food.

Single mums busts myths about poverty and parenting

KidsCan News
Mon 18 Mar 2019
In New Zealand, it's not uncommon for young kids to attend kindergarten or daycare without having breakfast and bringing a packed lunch – around 27 per cent of Kiwi kids are living in income poverty, according to the Child Poverty Monitor from 2017.

The heartbreaking letter from a principal forced to beg for help

KidsCan News
Wed 13 Mar 2019
OPINION: "Dearest Aroha, I am sending you this email because I am desperate. I know KidsCan helps schools and I think it is amazing. We have very poor children … we've had children faint from hunger.

Delivering KidsCan raincoats for Bishopdale School

KidsCan News
Tue 12 Mar 2019
The Community Warriors team and KidsCan delivered raincoats to the students of Bishopdale School to help keep them warm and dry this coming winter.

KidsCan launches pilot to feed children under the age of five at early childcare centres

KidsCan News
Mon 11 Mar 2019
Children under the age of five have been fainting from hunger at early childhood education centres - and some are dropped off without warm clothes, nappies or formula. 

KidsCan helping vulnerable preschoolers in first national programme for under 5s

KidsCan News
Sun 10 Mar 2019
KidsCan has created the first national programme supporting children under 5, with the aim of helping the country’s most vulnerable kids attend early childhood education.

How-to Dad: That's crap, New Zealand, let's help feed our kids

KidsCan News
Sun 24 Feb 2019
OPINION: You know when you were a kid and when you didn't finish all your breakfast, and your Mum would say something like: "You know some kids in Africa don't have any breakfast".