Child Poverty Monitor: 2015 Technical Report

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Mon 14 Dec 2015
The Annual Child Poverty Monitor is a partnership project between the Children’s Commissioner, the JR McKenzie Trust and Otago University measuring and reporting on child poverty rates in New Zealand annually. 

Education investigation: The great divide

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Wed 4 Nov 2015
Disadvantage remains a major dictator of underachievement in schools.

Household incomes in New Zealand: Trends in indicators of inequality and hardship 1982 to 2014

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Thu 13 Aug 2015
The Household Incomes Report provides information on the material wellbeing of New Zealanders as indicated by their household incomes from all sources from 1982 to 2014.

UNICEF cautions child poverty rates are “stagnating” in New Zealand

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Mon 1 Sep 2014
An international report by UNICEF has found that child poverty rates in New Zealand have barely changed since 2008, despite similar sized countries significantly reducing child poverty during the recent recession.

Life's a beach, but not for everyone

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Sun 9 Mar 2014
Until last week Auckland siblings Mutu Kapita, 9, and Daetyn Grant, 8, had never been to the beach, despite living just 20 minutes from the coast. And in South Auckland they are one not the only ones who've never felt sand under their feet.

Global survey shows one in six Kiwis struggling for food

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Fri 21 Mar 2014
A global survey has found that one in every six Kiwis ran out of money for food in 2011-12 - more than in all except eight other developed nations.

Govt signals it will feed hungry kids

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Sat 6 Oct 2012
Food programmes for hungry Kiwi schoolchildren may soon get a boost from the Government to top off an overwhelming public response to recent media appeals.

KidsCan 'thrilled' school food scheme may get Govt boost

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Mon 8 Oct 2012
The charity running the Breakfast in Schools programme says it is thrilled the Government is willing to look at expanding the programme to children still going hungry.

Jonathan Boston: Three myths about child poverty

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Mon 8 Oct 2012
Why some widely held beliefs on the causes and solutions are wrong and why it matters to put things right.

Grim Picture painted of young Maori Health

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Mon 19 Mar 2012
Young Maori are being admitted to hospital with acute illnesses at a significantly higher rate than non-Maori, says a report by a University of Otago research unit being released today.