• Feeding over 30,000 hungry children every week at school
    Feeding over 30,000 hungry children every week at school

Food for Kids

Many children living in hardship experience hunger on a daily basis, never knowing if they will receive three meals a day.

KidsCan believes all children deserve to have full tummies. The Food for Kids programme currently provides targeted food at school for thousands of financially disadvantaged children every day. As of today, KidsCan supports over 30,000 hungry children a week who experience food insecurity. This programme has had a remarkable effect on improving learning ability and concentration levels in class.

The Food for Kids programme now includes schools orchards, providing children with a sustainable source of fresh fruit, and teaching them valuable life skills. Learn more.

KidsCan seeks nutritional advice from professionals including the NZ Nutrition Foundation.

The children from St Joseph's School helped us to thank KidsCan Platinum Partner, EasiYo, for the yummy yoghurt we give the low decile schools we support right around New Zealand. Thanks EasiYo! It means the world to the kids to have full tummies at school so they can focus on learning.