• Poor health is a barrier to education
    Poor health is a barrier to education

Health for Kids

Good health increases attendance, engagement and participation at school.

We all take our good health for granted. Unfortunately for many disadvantaged children in New Zealand, ‘good health’ is a constant battle. 

Since the KidsCan Health for Kids programme was introduced in our partner schools, there has been a decrease in absenteeism and an improvement in the physical wellbeing of children. 

The Health for Kids programme provides schools and families with practical support and products to help prevent health issues; from basic provisions such as hand sanitisers, plasters, toothbrushes and toothpaste, to head lice products through our Nit Buster programme. 

Nit Busters currently operates in 111 schools across New Zealand, with a team of 48 KidsCan Health Champions who check and treat head lice in children and their families. Read more about this programme here.

Lumino The Dentists provide toothbrushes and toothpaste which are given to targeted children in need to help improve their oral hygiene.

We also work with the Hawkes Bay District Health Board and Hauora providers to deliver a skin infection prevention programme for children who are suffering from conditions like scabies, impetigo and cellulitis.

Recent additions to our Health for Kids programme include feminine hygiene products and improving access to reading glasses for children. 

Children from disadvantaged homes are more susceptible to health problems and this can impact their ability to learn. We are working to reduce this barrier to education by improving health across schools in New Zealand.

Do you want to help keep our Kiwi kids fit and healthy at school?