Nit Busters programme

The purpose of the Nit Busters programme is to prevent and treat head lice in low decile schools.

This programme has been life changing, not only for the children we support, but also for the Health Champions who are now employed in meaningful work, learning skills in the community health sector.  

The health and well-being of children at school has improved significantly since becoming nit-free. For some primary school children we have treated, it’s the first time they haven’t had head lice for many years. With ongoing support from the Ministry of Social Development, the programme will continue to succeed for the children we support and for our 48 Health Champions.   


Programme Aims

  • Treat current cases and reduce re-infestation rates to increase attendance 
  • Educate children and families on how to treat and prevent head lice 
  • Reduce the stigma around head lice 
  • Empower parents around their children’s health
  • Provide employment opportunities in high-needs communities 

The programme is currently in 110 schools with 25,000 children able to access it. Reducing the number of children suffering from head lice, and providing the tools to manage this issue ongoing, has brought significant satisfaction to children, whanau, schools and KidsCan staff, and we hope to be able to continue this important work.

If you are looking for a head lice comb, the Super Nit Buster Comb is available for purchase here and will help to quickly and easily get rid of head lice and every last egg with its special grooved tooth design.