• Over 1 in 4 children in New Zealand are living without the basics
    Over 1 in 4 children in New Zealand are living without the basics

Our Work

KidsCan exists to meet the physical and nutritional needs of Kiwi kids less fortunate than others. It’s our mission to provide food, clothing and basic healthcare in schools and early childhood education centres to enable disadvantaged children to be more engaged in their education and reach their full potential.

Hungry, wet, cold and stressed is no way to start the day (if it doesn’t stop them from getting to school or early childhood education) but for over 254,000 Kiwi children living in hardship that is the reality. This can impact their educational growth and lead to a lifelong pattern of underachievement. There is a way to break this cycle; by providing simple things like food, health and hygiene items, shoes, socks and fleece-lined raincoats, Kiwi kids can arrive at school or early childhood education ready and able to learn. Our aim is to prevent children in hardship from becoming adults in hardship by giving them the start in life they deserve.

KidsCan supports children from early childhood education, primary and secondary school. We focus on three core areas: food, clothing and health. Together with individuals, community, business and government we can alleviate child hardship and create long-term change. Our practical programmes ensure a greater number of disadvantaged New Zealand children are able to achieve good educational outcomes and reach their full potential.

We partner with 787 low decile schools and 55 early childhood centres all over New Zealand to provide kids with the basics, but we can only do this with your help.


Our Programmes

  • Feeding over 30,000 hungry children every week at school

    Food for Kids

    Many children living in hardship experience hunger on a daily basis, never knowing if they will receive three meals a day.
  • Shoes do more than protect feet

    Shoes for Kids

    Getting kids to and through the school and early childhood education centre gates safely.
  • Proud to partner with the Vodafone Warriors

    Fleece-lined raincoats for Kids

    Keeping New Zealand children warm and dry.
  • Poor health is a barrier to education

    Health for Kids

    Good health increases attendance, engagement and participation at school and early childhood education centres.

Why and how we do it