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We provide food, clothing and health products to Kiwi kids in over 800 schools and 100 early childhood education centres

Get School and ECE support

Supporting schools and ECEs.

Get School and ECE support

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Get School and ECE support

How it works – Early Childhood Centres.

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Providing the essentials, so Kiwi kids can learn.

KidsCan believes that education is a child’s ticket out of poverty, and gives them the opportunity for a better future. But kids can’t learn when they are cold, wet and hungry.  


So we partner with schools and early childhood centres across New Zealand to give the 1 in 5 Kiwi kids affected by poverty the essentials: food, clothing and health products.


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We support schools that:

  • Are low-decile, and/or  
  • Have dedicated staff available to implement the programme
  • Have children who would benefit from KidsCan support 
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