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    For 174,000 Kiwi kids, hunger may be the difference between learning and being distracted.

Thousands of Kiwi Kids live in food insecurity. Help us make sure no Kiwi kids goes hungry.

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Thousands of kids went hungry today, but tomorrow with your help, things could be different. KidsCan feeds 34,000 Kiwi kids every day. But right now, thousands of others are missing out. Please help us with our mission to give kids living in poverty the basics so they can have a fair chance in life.

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Child Poverty Monitor: 2019 Technical Report.

Child Poverty Monitor: 2019 Technical Report

Child Poverty Monitor: 2019 Technical Report

Since 2005...

31 million food items
196,000 shoes & socks
386,000 raincoats
900,000 health items

Latest updates

Thursday, 26 Mar 2020

KidsCan hopes to be essential service during Covid-19 lockdown

Children's charity KidsCan is hoping it will be able to operate as an essential service during the nationwide lockdown and says demand from schools for food supplies has risen sharply in just the last week.
Wednesday, 25 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: KidsCan sends food home to families before COVID-19 lockdown

Children's charity KidsCan has changed its policy ahead of New Zealand's coronavirus lockdown, allowing schools to send food home to families.
Tuesday, 24 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: Thousands of kids could go hungry as schools close

Children reliant on food provided at school face going hungry as schools close in the fight against coronavirus. 

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