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Why are KidsCan making this change?
What’s different in the new portal?
What do these changes mean for the person who does the ordering – will they still be able to access the ordering system?
How will I know when I need to order from the Menu Cycle?
Has anything changed in the recipe selection and ordering process?
How do I access the new portal?
What if I’ve forgotten my password? How do I change my password?
Can I share my account with other staff?
Can I change the staff member in charge of the KidsCan programme?
I have noticed my account information is incorrect. What do I do next?
I have started my order but have had to step away before finishing. What do I do?
I have just submitted my order. How do I know you have received it?
I’ve made a mistake in my order. What should I do next?
I have never ordered from KidsCan. I don’t know how your system works. How can I find out?