Your frequently asked questions answered here.

Working with schools

How do you work with the schools? 

Schools that are decile 1-4 can apply for KidsCan support to become a partner school. We then form a wait-list of schools who need our support, and once we have enough funding to support a school on an ongoing basis we will take it off our wait-list. The school will then have access to our programmes – Food for Kids, Raincoats for Kids, Shoes for Kids and Health for Kids. The schools then ensure the tangible items these programmes provide reach the children who are going without in a targeted way.


How do ensure your support reaches the children who need it most?

We work very closely with the schools we support as the teachers and staff know their students best. They let us know what products the children are going without and how many need assistance. The school then distributes these products to the children in need which helps to ensure that our programmes are being delivered in a targeted way.


How do you decide on which programmes to provide?

Our Schools Team works closely with the schools to identify where there is a need and what the appropriate programme would be. On-going research and feedback from a variety of organisations in the area of child hardship helps us to fine-tune existing programmes and identify new needs.


How do you choose what schools are added to your wait-list?

Any decile 1-4 school can apply for KidsCan support. However, only schools who can demonstrate they have a need for support in their school make it onto our wait-list. All schools have different areas that they need assistance with. Some schools access all of our programmes, while others may only require help with certain areas, like health. If you are from a decile 1-4 school you can apply for support here.


What happens in the school holidays?

KidsCan is focused on education and helping kids learn, which is why we work with schools to remove the barriers by providing the basics. This means that our support is provided in the school environment, during the school terms. We understand that there is still a need over the holidays and hope that other groups or food banks are able to provide for them and their families.


Monthly giving

How can I help?

Your monthly contribution will enable KidsCan to provide children with the essentials they need to get through the school gates in a position to learn. You can support a child by signing up online here using a credit card or direct debit, or you’re welcome to telephone our office on 09 478 1525 and we can take your details directly.
If you prefer to make donations by automatic payment, please email at [email protected] and include your full name and contact details, the amount of your regular donation and when you would like those donations to start. We will reply with your unique ID reference number which you can give to your bank. The reason we provide a unique ID reference number is so you can be assured you will receive an accurate tax receipt for your donations at the end of the financial year. 

Alternatively, making a one-off donation via our website is another way you can help support New Zealand children in need. You can find out more here.


How does your monthly giving programme work?

Your monthly or yearly contribution will help provide a Kiwi kid with the basics such as food, a raincoat, shoes and socks, and basic health and hygiene items. 

When you sign up through our website you can choose the region you would like us to direct your support to. 


How much of my monthly donation goes to the kids?

At least 80 cents from every dollar of a monthly donation goes directly to our programmes for kids. The remaining 20 cents goes towards our operations that enable us to run these programmes and extend our reach to the children who need it around New Zealand.


Can I support a specific child?

It’s much more cost effective to support children through the schools they attend, rather than as individual children meaning your money can do more for Kiwi kids in need.

We work hard to keep it as affordable as possible for supporters, and as impactful as possible for the children. We will however send supporters regular updates about how their contribution is making a real difference.


I am living overseas and want to support a child in New Zealand is that okay?

Absolutely! Many Kiwis and other caring people from around the world sign up to support us on a monthly basis through our website and we welcome their support. Simply click this link and select ‘credit card’ as your payment method.


Will I get an automatic Tax Receipt for my donations? 

Yes, we will ensure you are emailed or posted your annual tax receipt by the end of April for the previous financial year. Please ensure that we have your latest email or postal address to ensure you receive this.  

If you’re making a one-off donation via our website, you will be sent a tax receipt automatically at the time of your donation.


Getting involved

What do I have to do if I want to fundraise for KidsCan myself?

If you would like to raise funds for Kiwi kids in need, we’d love to hear from you! Click here for some tips, tools and instructions on how to register with us.


Does KidsCan take second-hand clothing donations?

No, unfortunately we do not have the resources or facilities to process, store and redistribute these types of donations. We are based in Albany, Auckland and don’t have any stores elsewhere. However, there are other charities nationwide who are better equipped to accept these donations and distribute them accordingly. We’re sure they would appreciate you contacting them directly.


I am interested in working at KidsCan, how do I apply?

We advertise any job opportunities on Seek, LinkedIn or our Facebook page, so keep an eye out. Alternatively, feel free to email your CV through to [email protected] and we will keep it on file.


How do I become a volunteer with KidsCan?

At this stage, we have over 300 volunteers in our database. Most opportunities are held during work hours in Albany, Auckland and we send out emails when these opportunities arise. If you would like to be added to our database, please send through your email address to [email protected] and if something comes up in your region, we’ll get in touch.


I have questions about your Christmas Cracker Appeal - where can I find more information?

If you are interested in donating prizes or retailing our Christmas Crackers, email us at [email protected].

General enquiries

Can I change my details online?

No, but if you email us at [email protected] and tell us what you would like changed or your new credit or debit card details, we will make the adjustments and send you a confirmation email. 


How much expenditure goes to the programmes for children?

At KidsCan, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and we work to keep our administration costs as low as possible. Over the last four years, on average 80% went to our programmes for children, and 20% went to operations.