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As the school year begins, many Kiwi kids will arrive in class too hungry to focus. A regular donation helps us provide children in need with food and other basics so they can learn and thrive. Not just today, but every day.

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Don’t let hunger destroy their potential

Fuel a child's learning.

Kids are eager to learn… but with an empty tummy, food becomes all they can think about. Already we're feeding 50,000 hungry children a day, and we have thousands more on our waiting list. 

The recent floods have only exacerbated the need as families who were already struggling lost everything. We need your help more than ever. We're on a mission to help an additional 675 kiwi kids get ready for the year ahead. It's through educaation that they can have the best chance at a brighter future. But we can't support them without you. 


Join us with a monthly donation or a one off donation and help fuel children's learning. 

Schooling vs Survival

The heartbreaking stories we hear from teachers.

They tell us we face a 'cost of learning' crisis and it's getting harder for families to stay afloat. Many kids will arrive in class without the bare essentials – or even worse, not attend at all as they don't have food, correct uniforms or stationery. It's so unjust because education is their best chance of escaping poverty. But together, we can get kids back in school and learning. As individuals, we feel helpless. As a collective, our power is extraordinary.

"Some children do not come to school when finances are tight at home. I think this is due to the family being embarrassed that they can't wash the uniform or supply food. We do everything we can to remove that shame and provide what is needed to get kids to school."

"Every day builds a foundation for the next day. The learning missed in the first week, especially for year 7s having orientation, meeting the teachers, finding the toilets, etc is massive. Without that basic information, they begin the year already lost and confused, before the first lesson has easily begun."

The power of a regular gift

Why give monthly?

Daily impact.

An ongoing gift offers stability and continuity to kids in need. With you alongside us, we can keep children fed, clothed and healthy for as long as they need us.

A solid foundation.

A monthly donation helps us to plan, evolve and expand our programmes. Your support is the rock on which we can build.

Less admin, more support.

A monthly gift is cost-effective for us to process – so more of your money goes to our work on the ground in schools and preschools.

How it works

The journey of your donations.


Generous Kiwis donate money to help give all children the best possible chance in life.


Schools and ECEs place their orders online with KidsCan based on their children's needs.


Our warehouse team and volunteers pack food, raincoats, shoes and basic health items to be delivered to over 1,000 Schools and ECEs around NZ.


Children experience your kindness daily and are fed, warm and dry - ready to learn.

As the cost-of-living soars, schools tell us they're now dealing with a 'cost of learning' crisis, with students' education suffering. The floods bring a layer of misery that vulnerable families just did not need.”
- KidsCan CEO Julie Chapman

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