• Support a New Zealand child in need for 50c a day
    Support a New Zealand child in need for 50c a day

Support a child

Over 1 in 4 Kiwi Kids Live Without the Basics

KidsCan has 1,285 children waiting to benefit from our support right now. We are looking for more caring Kiwis to support a New Zealand child for $15 a month, that's less than 50c a day. Lets work together to create brighter futures for Kiwi kids going without the basics.

You will help provide a child with: 

  • Food at school 
  • A waterproof, fleece-lined raincoat
  • A pair of shoes
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Basic health and hygiene products

Your support provides a child with the essentials they need to engage and learn in the classroom.

As a supporter:

  • You can choose which region in New Zealand you would like to support
  • See the tangible difference your contribution is making through our quarterly newsletter
  • Receive an annual tax receipt as all donations $5 and over are tax-deductible

What your support means for a child in need:

Equality means having the same status, rights and opportunities as everyone else. Sadly in New Zealand thousands of children live in hardship and this impacts on the quality of their lives and their chances of reaching their full potential in the future. 

Without three meals a day, warm clothing, shoes and basic healthcare, disadvantaged children turn up to school cold, hungry and unable to learn. They struggle to keep up in class and over time can lead to a lifelong pattern of isolation and underachievement.

Through the ‘In Our Own Backyard’ programme, you can help a disadvantaged child get a better start in life. Your monthly contribution of $15 (less than 50 cents a day) will enable KidsCan to provide a child with the essentials they need to get through the school gates in a position to learn. 

Make a difference today by supporting a child in need.

If you are already supporting ‘In Our Own Backyard’ and would like to increase your monthly donation, please contact us via info@kidscan.org.nz or 09 478 1525 and we can do this for you. 

Please contact info@kidscan.org.nz for more information on supporting a child.