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All kids need stability and certainty in their lives. A regular donation means we can support children living in poverty not just once, but every day. For as long as they need us.

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Right now KidsCan is seeing a spike in demand, with schools ordering food for 10,000 more children this term than at the start of the year. We are hearing that some kids are missing school altogether because petrol is too expensive, or parents are too ashamed to send them without shoes or lunch. We’re already stepping up to meet the extra demand, but with our own costs rising and fewer people able to donate regularly, we need help to sustain that support.


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Why give monthly?

A regular donation means.


We can continue to fill the tummies of 54,000 kids in schools and early childhood centres each day. 

Helping more.

We can partner with the schools and early childhood centres on our waitlist who are desperate for our help. 


The certainty of receiving a set monthly amount helps us to budget, plan and evolve our programmes to better meet children's needs.


Your monthly donation will support a Kiwi kid in need.

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"KidsCan helped me out so much, with those little things of hope. When it's the only meal you're having a day, or your first new shoes, you can't even imagine the impact that has on kids. It's someone showing you they care about you. Just to feel like someone could see me and see what I was going through is really cool."

You may not personally see a child's face when they are handed a new pair of shoes or a warm jacket, but I can assure you that look of joy never gets old.”
- Teacher


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