More than 40,000 children are waiting for KidsCan support.

Can you help by giving monthly?

Thousands of kids arrive in class too cold or hungry to focus. A regular donation helps us keep children in hardship warm and well fed, so they can learn – and create better futures for themselves.

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This winter we are seeing more need than ever.

For thousands of children winter is the toughest time of the year. Every day they go without the essentials is a day they can't focus on learning, a day they fall further behind. 


KidsCan helps by providing food, snug waterproof jackets and closed-toe shoes.


Right now more than 260 schools and early childhood centres are waiting for our support.


But kids in poverty can't wait. So we've launched an urgent Winter Appeal, backed by our amazing Principal Partner Meridian Energy.


Can you help us reach just one child?

“Come the end of winter, there's so much electrical and duct tape holding our kids’ shoes together. Their parents can’t afford a new pair. Most of our kids walk to school, so when it’s raining their feet get wet.” – Teacher

“It’s almost like a third world country. I didn’t think I’d ever see our country come to this." - Social worker, school on KidsCan waitlist

The power of a regular gift

Why monthly donations mean so much more.

Support through schools.

Each school term, we help to feed and clothe tens of thousands of children in hardship. An ongoing gift means support throughout the school year.

Reach more children in need.

Before we take on more schools and early childhood centres, we need to know that we can commit to their kids for their entire school journey. A monthly gift gives us this certainty.

New ways to help.

Monthly gifts allow us to forecast accurately, and to expand the ways we support schools and early childhood centres.

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Where does the money go?

We make your generosity go a long way - 80% of your donation goes straight into our programmes. We invest a further 12% in to fundraising and marketing to raise even more funds - multiplying your impact. 

$15 a month will help give a child a healthy breakfast, snacks, lunch and essential clothing items like shoes and jackets, so they are set up for school and learning.​

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It made me less insecure about how I look, less concerned about how I display myself in front of people. I was just going to school in these new KidsCan fresh shoes and jacket, and I was just ready to learn.”
- High school student


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