Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Brand new Kiwi kids show AMPED, kicks off this week on Three.

Kids are incredible sources of energy. But they do need a few things - like nutrition, mental stimulation and exercise - to keep them powered up throughout the day. And those can be a bit tricky to find when you're in a bubble.  


Meridian Energy and Three, with help from host Walter Neilands, are bringing experiments, pranks, cooking, magic, survival tips, interviews, workouts and daily challenges direct to your living room. It’s a chance for kids to switch on during lockdown. And a chance for parents to catch a break from the fifteenth game of hide and seek today. 


It's called AMPED, and it’s happening every weekday at 11.30am on TV Three, and 24/7 on ThreeNow.   


Click here to watch.