Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Sometimes life goes full circle.

“It is my 17th birthday tomorrow and every year I donate to charities such as KidsCan. Growing up in school, I'd receive KidsCan shoes as well as a jacket for free from the school office. I hope this funds not only a kid's shoes and a jacket but hopefully a smile on his/her face as much it did me whilst young in primary.”  

This was the beautiful email we received from a student in South Auckland, who saved money from his summer job to donate $500 to KidsCan. We called him to hear what KidsCan’s jackets and shoes meant for him.  

They were like my first ever pair of shoes.  

Going into primary, I didn't have any school shoes. So, I just wore my brother’s beat-up shoes. I was real conscious about it.  People used to look down on me, just with how beat-up the shoes were, and how their shoes were brand new. It really bothered me. But, you know, I got used to the beat-up shoes and how people saw me in them. 

I went to St Anne’s Catholic school in Manurewa and KidsCan was a real big sponsor. And when I popped into the office, surprisingly, there were free jackets and free shoes to wear.  

I got to tell you, that was real special to get KidsCan shoes. I've never been happier opening a box of brand-new shoes, as well as them being free.  I’ve remembered that moment, all the way from year 3 to now. They were really comfortable. And when they got run down, then I'd go into the office for another pair.  

Without KidsCan I wouldn’t be warm walking to school or have new shoes on my feet. It made me less insecure about how I look, less concerned about how I display myself in front of people. I was just going to school in these new fresh shoes and a new fresh jacket, and I was just ready to learn.   

I'm pretty sure KidsCan was also funding our breakfast club as well. My parents had to leave early for work so I was one of the early ones to school. I would pop in and have some breakfast. 

KidsCan was a real big help growing up, so I thought I’d give back. That mainly comes from my mum and dad – whatever spare change they have, or money they make, they always give back to their family. So I just took that upon myself to do the same, but in a different way. It feels great. Probably another person spent 500 bucks for my shoes or jacket, so it's really good to do the same. 

All Kiwi kids deserve food and clothing, will you join us? 
Donate to KidsCan today.