Demand for KidsCan food in-school programme doubles in the past five years

KidsCan News
Fri 29 Sep 2017
In 2005 when KidsCan started it was providing food and clothing items to 40 low decile schools, this year it’s helping 675 schools.

MUST WATCH: The Cafe - CEO of KidsCan Julie Chapman joins us

In the Media
Tue 15 Aug 2017
"To carry on our inspirational stories this morning we were joined by co-founder and CEO of KidsCan Julie Chapman, who has since launching the charitable trust in 2005 has provided more than 277,000 raincoats, 128,000 pairs of shoes, 19 million food items to New Zealand Children in 675 low-decile schools."

KidsCan Autumn Newsletter 2017

Sun 28 May 2017
Highlights include: A word from the CEO, Child Poverty Action Group Opinion Piece, Pork Pie Charity Run 2017, Schools' Update

KidsCan Summer Newsletter 2017

Thu 2 Mar 2017
Highlights include: A word from the CEO, Children's Commissioner Opinion Piece, Pork Pie Charity Run 2017, Schools' Update

KidsCan filling gaps for youngsters

In the Media
Mon 13 Feb 2017
Charity’s help shows in students. Working with KidsCan has provided numerous benefits for Aranui School.

School stress for struggling families

In the Media
Mon 30 Jan 2017
New books, sharp stationery, and pristine pencil cases - preparing for the school year might be a time of academic anticipation for many children and parents, but for a growing number of Nelson families, it's nothing but stress.

Back-to-school costs pinch parents

In the Media
Sat 28 Jan 2017
Uniforms, stationery, extra activities add to bill, family stress

More low decile schools set to benefit from KidsCan programme

In the Media
Mon 23 Jan 2017
Charitable Trust KidsCan is set to assist a further 17 low decile schools, providing 1500 children with food, raincoats, shoes and basic health and hygiene items.

Increased charity demand for kids facing hardship

In the Media
Sat 21 Jan 2017
There is an increased need for charity support for children living in hardship in New Zealand.

Can-do attitude!

In the Media
Thu 1 Dec 2016
Jay and Sarah, from My Kitchen Rules, are joining KidsCan as ambassadors to help support Kiwi families in need. Many children living in hardship experience hunger on a daily basis, never knowing if they will receive three meals a day.