• “The children are more settled, happier, and in some cases less anxious.”

Early Childhood Programme

The KidsCan Early Childhood Programme is designed to help our most vulnerable kids get a great start to their education.


Why under 5s?  

University of Waikato research indicated that parents are less likely to send their child to an Early Childhood Centre if they have no food for their lunchbox, no raincoat if it’s wet, or if they have health issues. The aim of this programme is to remove those barriers which stop a child attending an Early Childhood Centre. 

The early years are a child’s most formative, where lifelong learning patterns are set. Research shows that children who regularly attend a quality early childhood centre do better at school. It’s where crucial social skills - play, friendship, sharing, routines - are developed. But if a child is hungry, their brain operates purely in survival mode, and if they miss out on this opportunity their school readiness is compromised. 


How it works

KidsCan supports 61 early childhood centres aross New Zealand. Our programme gives preschoolers the basics to fuel their learning:

  • We’re providing five fresh meals a week.
  • The menu is designed by Chef Anthony Hoy Fong and endorsed by the Heart Foundation.
  • Fresh, nutritious food is delivered weekly by Countdown and staples from KidsCan.
  • Children receive a warm raincoat, a pair of shoes and two pairs of socks.
  • Head lice treatments to each centre.




We need your help!

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For Early Childhood Centres

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