• Shoes do more than protect feet
    Shoes do more than protect feet

Shoes for Kids

Getting kids to and through the school gates safely.

New Zealand schools report to KidsCan that many children go without shoes or come to school with shoes in a bad condition. In winter, those without shoes might choose to stay at home and miss out on their education. The KidsCan ‘Shoes for Kids’ programme provides free quality footwear and socks for children, to protect their feet and ensure they can come to school whatever the weather. 

Massey University research findings reveal the positive effects of this inclusive programme, including the impacts on school participation and physical health. “For some children it is the first pair they have ever owned and they can’t believe they are allowed to keep them.”

The KidsCan ‘Shoes for Kids’ programme shows how a small contribution can make a huge difference to the lives of New Zealand children.

Do you want to help them get to and through the school gates safely and in a position to learn?